Future Builders

As a business we will continue to maintain the sound link we have with the community as we provide a return to work programme for those who have skills in construction and the associated trades. The programme is for those who have left the labour market, often for reasons beyond the individual’s control, such as caring for relatives with ill health, relocation, loss in confidence and redundancy.

After a period of absence from the job market, confidence and skills can be lost and gaining employment can be an incredibly difficult and demoralising task.
At Nest we aim to provide a paid stable re-introduction for those wanting to return to the labour market*.

We strive to offer either full time employment (if possible) or the individual will be introduced through our network of contacts to larger construction companies, where their skills can be developed and utilised further.

*It’s important to point out, that before we start any work we will always ask you, the customer if you are happy for the individual on the work programme to work on your project.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Over the age of 25
  • Previous experience the construction trades

If you fit the criteria and you are interested in the programme then email or send us a CV or a brief statement of why you think you should be considered for a position.